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Guinness Book Of World Records 2010 Pdf 13

Rates of treatment for abortion complications. We took information from a study published in 2015 that used nationally representative data from 26 developing countries to estimate regional treatment rates of unsafe abortion complications for 2012.15 These estimates used data from two main sources: representative country-specific surveys of health facilities and records from national health systems. The study provides estimates of the number and rate of women treated in health facilities for complications from unsafe abortion for three major regions and for the developing world (excluding Eastern Asia, where unsafe abortions are less prevalent).

guinness book of world records 2010 pdf 13

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Many different achievements related to paper airplanes are recognized and tracked by Guinness World Records. If you want to hold a paper airplane world records, you can try for distance, time aloft, largest, or highest launch. You can also make the longest chain of paper airplanes, or launch the most paper planes simultaneously. Or, if you really want to impress your friends, you can throw the most paper airplanes into a watermelon in one minute!

The longest flight time of a paper airplane is a duration of 29.2 seconds. This world record achievement was made in 2010 by Takuo Toda from Japan. Toda, the chairman of the International Paper Airplane Association, hopes to break the 30 second barrier some day. According to him, the secret to a long flight is to throw the paper airplane nearly straight up to get the most height. This gives the glider a long time to go in circles before reaching the ground.

Are you eager to get your 15 minutes of fame with your own paper airplane world record? Take a look at the records above and determine which one you think you can beat. In this author's opinion, folding and throwing a paper airplane in under 7 seconds seems beatable. Or, you can always try to throw 14 paper planes into a watermelon!

Measuring big game animals and publishing those records began more than a century ago with the release of a book in 1892 by Rowland Ward, Ltd., titled Records of Big Game. This book established the first benchmarks for what constituted a trophy. It did not glorify the hunter or the means by which the animal was taken. The Rowland Ward book focused on outstanding trophies from around the world with minimal attention paid to the magnificent North American trophies, as the cost of sending these new world trophies across the Atlantic Ocean for official measurement and possible publication was significant. 350c69d7ab


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