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Andrew Scott

Guild Wars 2 Macro Goblin !!TOP!! Crack

goblins have their own health bar, and you're supposed to bring a paladin around and use loh - or go in a group of three (the mancer) and get the most benefit from synergy. (although, the paladin can and will be solo'd without much effort from the group.) if you're able to take down a guardian while he's occupied, great! if not, get your turret and bounce the goblin to do some damage. unlike loh, you can't interrupt a dodge.

Guild Wars 2 Macro Goblin Crack

they'll have to camp over the centre of the crater. when they start running, they're only going to be able to run at about 2/3 speed. so, if you can get the counter in, and the evade in at the same time (so they have no time to dodge), and you can hit the stun for them, then you can run back to the middle and camp for a minute, and then interrupt out. (depending on what class they are, you might be able to toss a potion at them, or multiple potions, which will weaken/slow them.) while they're running, hit those legs with a spell and/or your weapon to knock them down.

i guess by "release to the players", everyone means the "new level" of a campaign. this is when the story really gets rolling. the goblins are about to get the meat, and you must work together to save it. this tutorial is really the beginning of the campaign itself, complete with flashbacks to earlier times.

guild wars 2 is massively instanced. some areas of the map like whispering ridge are so big they can hold hundreds of players, and others are tiny. with the "quick travel" they have, you can literally travel from one end of the world to the other in less than a second. the issue with this, however, is that only a very small area of the world is "instanced" - so, if you decide to wipe your character, the world simply switches to the next character you chose to be your main character, and you can just teleport back to the other one.


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